Thursday, October 15, 2015

Do you believe in magic?

Hello beauty lovers,

I have been trying the sensational Egyptian Magic cream for the past 10 days to heal dryness all over and wanted to share my personal experience with you. 

10 days ago, my Egyptian Magic arrived in a small cardboard box filled with cute red and blue shredded paper which complimented the product packaging. Such a sweet start! 

When magic arrives in such a cute packaging, you know things will go well.

When I opened the jar, the cream almost seemed like petroleum jelly (color and consistency wise). But, I noticed the huge difference when I took a small dab. It melted with my body temperature just like extra virgin coconut oil, which showed how pure this cream is with no added stabilizers. Perfect! It is absorbed well by my normal-to-dry skin and left a nice glow. This gave me the idea to use it as highlighter to create a soft strobing effect, and yes, it worked well ;) The same glow is nice on nails and lips as well. So, this multi-functional jar of miracle will polish you up while healing all the dryness your skin got. 

I make an effort to use clean products with no added chemicals, alcohol, parabens, GMOs whenever possible. Oxidants cause cell aging and added chemicals, parabens and GMO ingredients cause oxidative stress on skin cells which creates wrinkles (boo! We don't want them). Alcohol and astringent ingredients should always be avoided because they cause free-radical damage and irritation, which hurts your skin's ability to repair itself and damages its ability to produce healthy collagen (source: Paula's Choice). I am in love with the clean formulation of Egyptian Magic and knowing that it's safe to use even on babies gives me great peace of mind.

The ingredient list is short and items are familiar to everyone. Once a wise person said "If you cannot easily pronounce/understand an ingredient in the list, there is something wrong with that product." Luckily, we all can pronounce and recognize (and also eat :P) all of the ingredients (shown in the image below). It's also PETA approved cruelty-free <3 (you can confirm here).

This image is taken from Egyptian Magic 
I had very specific problems which I hoped Egyptian Magic would help me with: 
* I had a small dry spot on my ankle (in the front, right where my foot and ankle meets) for so long. I tried so many different products from Vaseline to Neosporin to even Cortisol creams, none of them helped. I have been applying a small amount of Egyptian Magic once a day for the past 10 days, and my dry spot is almost gone, no redness anymore, yay!

* My lips are so dry, I have to exfoliate them 2-3 times a week and apply lip balm at least 5-6 times a day. I stopped exfoliating 2 days before I started using Egyptian Magic. Applying a small amount of this cream only once a day removed all my exfoliation needs and I do not have to apply balm so frequently anymore. Also, I like the nice glow it puts on my lips, sometimes I use Egyptian Magic in place of lip gloss ;)  

* I use cuticle oil on my nails regularly, but it's a bit messy. I cannot touch anything for 10 minutes after applying. I decided to stop using cuticle oil for a while and started applying this cream once a day for the past 10 days. Now, my cuticles look so good and nails look/feel much healthier. I did not experience a single nail break after Egyptian Magic, and believe me, my nails were the weak, brittle type.

* I keep placing my elbows on the table, unintentionally, while working. This makes them so dry and rough. After using Egyptian Magic on my elbows for the past 10 days only once a day, they are like a baby's bottom now you just have to touch to believe :D

* I also tried Egyptian Magic on the following areas and observed perfect results:
  • Fixing split ends on hair,
  • Reducing frizz on hair (use very little),
  • Using it as facial sleeping mask for all-over hydration (and getting rid of wrinkles),
  • Using it to heal dry-rough heels.

l have a very long flight coming up soon and am planning on keeping Egyptian Magic with me to deal with the dry cabin air, along with my sheet masks. After every flight my skin and lips get super dry, I'm sure my solution is around here somewhere ;) I will keep you updated on how it goes.

Another tip I can give you to keep a jar of this miracle in your purse during the day and when your shoes start to hurt your feet apply a bit on the pressure points. This will reduce friction, give your feet relief, and prevent painful blisters.

If you would like to strengthen your eyebrows, apply some of this cream and they will be nourished with a hint of glow.

Here are some of the most popular uses of Egyptian Magic from their website:
• Face moisturizer 
• Makeup primer 
• Hydrating face mask 
• Lip Balm 
• Eye cream 
• Makeup remover 
• After-sun 
• Scars 
• Itching, rashes, minor burns relief 
• Soothing and treating skin irritations 
• Eczema and Psoriasis 
• After-shave 
• Hair Treatment 
• Hand and cuticle cream 
• Body cream 
• Cracked heels and elbows 
• Vaginal moisturizer and lubricant 
• Massage balm 
• Tattoo aftercare 
• Pregnancy: stretch marks, cracked nipples 
• Baby cream, nappy rash

For those of you who are not familiar with Egyptian Magic yet, I would like to share the first paragraph of the 2007 New York Times article on how it all started:
"The Story of Egyptian Magic begins in 1986 at a Chicago Diner when an elderly man approached Westley Howard (The name Mr. ImHotepAmonRa was then known as), who was passing through as a water filter salesman at that time. The elderly man said to Westley, “Brother, the Spirit has moved me to reveal something to you.”. In that moment, Mr.ImHotepAmonRa said, ” It didn’t seem too weird to me. I’m a Spiritual person, so these things happen to me all the time.

Now, if I grabbed your attention, please go here to read the full New York Times article :)

Egyptian Magic is the sweetheart of celebrities, fashion industry, and dermatologists. I know many doctors would recommend using this cream to heal burns and skin problems faster. What is better than being able to heal without using all the nasty chemicals?
You can see all endorsements here.

If you would like to purchase it in store you can locate the closest retailer to you using this page. Or if you prefer ordering it online, you can do it so using this link

Egyptian Magic has two sizes available:
* 2 oz jar retails for $26
* 4 oz jar retails for $39

I also noticed that Costco has a bundle that lets you get 4 oz and 2 oz jars together for only $39.99+free shipping (+$2 non member surcharge if you are not a member), you can find the product page here.

I hope this review will be helpful to you and you will love Egyptian Magic as much as I do. Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: Egyptian Magic kindly sent this product to me for review purposes. But, all opinions in this review and all of the other reviews in this blog are 100% my own.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My October 2015 Birchbox

Hello beauty lovers,

My October 2015 Birchbox just arrived and I love it. I received the following samples:
Avène Soothing Moisture Mask = 5 ml tube (value = $2.6),
Dear Clark, Thickening Balm = 1 oz tube (value = $6.5),
ORIGINS Modern Friction™ Nature's gentle dermabrasion =  15 ml tube (value = $4.74),
Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo = 0.75 oz can (value = $3.11),
Eyeko Black Magic Mascara (my PYS) = 4 ml tube (value = $10.76).

After my September box, this one didn't seem to have such great value but I am happy with them all because I haven't tried any of these before. Also, there is nothing I won't use in here, so, good job Birchbox :)

I picked the Eyeko Black Magic mascara during sample choice period last month. I haven't used any Eyeko products before and heard such good things about this mascara. I am glad I picked this one, it is the highest value item in the box. I was planning on going with the Stila mascara but changed my mind when I saw this one as one of the options. However, I was unusually lucky this month and Stila appeared in my second box even though I subscribed on October 3rd to use the $5 box code before it expired. 

As I mentioned, all of these products are new to me and I am very excited to discover new skincare.

Avène Soothing Moisture Mask is such a small sample, barely enough for 1-2 uses. But still, I like Avene products and this one also did not disappoint. I used it right after cleansing my face with Suki exfoliating cleanser (wonderful cleanser btw, get it immediately if you haven't done so already). After 15 minutes, I wiped it off with a cotton pad as directed and my skin looked and felt well moisturized and supple. This mask will be good for dry  winter months. 

Dear Clark, Thickening Balm is a nice sized product I will be able to take with me while traveling. It smells fresh and feels light on my fine-flat hair. I used it only once (on damp hair), so I do not see long term results yet. But it made my hair look a bit more voluminous after air-dried. 

ORIGINS Modern Friction™ Nature's gentle dermabrasion is another tiny sample, but at least this is dermabrasion cream, so a little will go a long way. It is gentle, yet still exfoliates well.

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo looks and smells so good! It doesn't leave any residue and is very effective in refreshing the roots. I like this small purse addition, it will definitely come in handy for some mid-day hair pick me ups ;)

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara sample size is great for purse and travel. It has a curved brush and creates a subtle look which is ideal for day time. I had to apply several coats to get some curling and lengthening, but I don't mind that. It is enriched with Keratin and Shea Butter which makes me feel better about applying mascara ;) It was also easy to take it off using Lancome Bi-Facil (after activating) and did not leave any residue. So far, I love it!

Overall, I like every single item in this box and am glad I picked the Eyeko mascara as my PYS.

If you think of subscribing or resubscribing please use the code: 
"SUBSCRIBENOW50" to get $5 to spend in the shop or 
"BBJETBLUE10" to get $10 to spend in the shop. 
There is also "BCABOX" code which gives power pose curated box as your first box. Another code which will expire on October 16 is "2FOR1BOX", which sends the customer favorites box along with your first box, which is great! 
It is even better if you use a referral link to make another person happy too (referring person will get $5 in BB shop if you subscribe through their link). So, please ask your BB subscriber friend for a referral link. If you don't know anyone who subscribes you can also ask me to send you a referral, if you wish ;)

For those of you who are not familiar with Birchbox yet: It is a monthly cosmetics&skin care subscription service that costs $10/month (including shipping). They usually send 4-5 deluxe samples (and sometimes regular foil ones :/ ) of usually new and trendy brands.
For more information you can check the official page here for US or here for Canada.

Disclaimer: I am not paid for this review. All opinions in this review and all of the other review in this blog are my own.