Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Review: Yadah Brightening Jelly Pack

Hello Beauty Lovers,

Today I'm going to review the fourth product of my collaboration with Yadah Korea: Brightening Jelly Pack.

This box contains 5 sheets masks, all soaked in rich jelly. The sheet itself is standard microfiber, it's thin and absorbent (You can see it when it's dry in the next photo).

The special thing about this mask is the essence the sheet is soaked in; It's not liquid or lotion like others, it's jelly as the name suggests (You can see the exact consistency in the next photo).

It doesn't drip during the wear and is absorbed well by the skin. The pouch is full of jelly (See the next photo), more than enough for the entire upper body.

The jelly is very moisturizing and makes my skin look brighter. I like that it has citrus in its formula, vitamin C is always good for skin. 
All in all, I like this mask and would totally recommend.

Disclaimer - I received these products from Yadah Korea complimentary for review purposes, but all opinions are mine. 

Review: Yadah Velvet Mood Lipstick

Hello Beauty Lovers,

Today I'm going to review the third product of my collaboration with Yadah Korea: Velvet Mood lipstick.

These lipsticks come in a sleek, black matte square box. In the next photos, you can see the exact amount of lipstick in each box.

It glides on so easily and yields a true matte finish. Unlike other matte lipsticks, this formula didn't dry my lips at all. The colours I tried here are 05 Funky Orange (the lighter one) and 09 Brick Red are very vivid. Pigmentation is so rich that only one coat is enough to get full coverage. It doesn't pile on the lips or bleed outside the lip line. 

The only downside is that it transfers very easily. But, to be clear, it doesn't promise to be long-lasting. In the next photo, you can see that it was almost completely removed by rubbing with a dry paper towel. 

I love it as it is, but if it was transfer-proof, it would be the Holy Grail lipstick. If you don't eat while wearing this lipstick, it will stay put perfectly. It stays well through drinking.
I am really happy to have finally found a matte lipstick that isn't drying with so rich pigmentation.

Disclaimer - I received these products from Yadah Korea complimentary for review purposes, but all opinions are mine. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Review: Yadah Anti-T Red Zero Concealer

Hello Beauty Lovers,

Today I am going to review the second product of my collaboration with Yadah Korea: Yadah Anti-T Red Zero Concealer. 

This concealer comes in a little tube with a twist top that's a bit tricky to use at first. Twist top has spring mechanism, so you turn it quarter to half round and the product is dispensed on top as shown in photo-3 (below right). 

However, be very careful, it's very easy to dispense way more product than you would need. Move the top very slowly. The amount of product with one twist is more than enough to coat the entire face. Yes, that's right! The amount may seem little, but this product is so concentrated that a little goes a long way. This works great as a concealer, but I also tried it as a full face cover in place of BB cream just out of curiosity and was amazed by the coverage. It provides medium to almost full coverage. As you can see the mark on my hand in photo-4 (below left) is no longer there in photo-5 (below right) ❤

 It covers all the redness and uneven skin tone on my face nicely and doesn't feel greasy or heavy at all. It gives a matte finish and can be used alone or under another BB cream/ foundation if you're looking for more of a dewy/glossy finish. It's easy to apply using just fingertips, I didn't notice any streaks. It is long lasting and I didn't observe any flakes/dryness during the wear, but this also means it takes some time to wash it off. 

All in all, this is a wonderful concealer. If you're in search of a high coverage one, you may want to give it a try. 

Disclaimer - I received this product from Yadah Korea complimentary for review purposes, but all opinions are mine. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Review: Yadah Anti-Trouble bubble cleanser

Hello Beauty Lovers,

I must admit I was a lazy blogger for the past year or so. I continued posting on my micro-blog (Instagram) regularly, but couldn't post here :/
Now, I have a good reason to come back: I am so happy to start a collaboration with Yadah Korea on a few products and the first product I get to review is Yadah Anti-Trouble bubble cleanser. I loved all Yadah products I used so far and am looking forward to trying more from this brand.

This cleanser comes in a big bottle (150ml) which would be enough for long since just one pump is enough for the entire face. Out of the bottle, it smells pleasantly citrusy, but it's not a strong scent and doesn't stick around while using the product.

One of the ingredients is salicylic acid, so be careful if you're allergic or pregnant.

As you can see in the second photo above, the foam is rich yet easy to rinse off. There is no weird slippery residue left. It cleans well, but you'll need to take off your makeup using micellar water or oil beforehand.

I tested its pH using a colour-scale pH strip. As you can see in the third photo above, pH of this cleanser is around 5.5 which is acidic and that's good for your skin. Lower pH cleansers are preferred since they don't allow bacterial development and create a barrier on the skin. It isn't drying at all and my face doesn't feel tight afterwards.

I have been using this cleanser day and night for the past two weeks. When I first started I had a few pimples on my left cheek, but now they look better. I don't know if this product helped with them, but I didn't change anything else so there must be a connection. All in all, I like this cleanser a lot and am glad I got to try it.

Thanks to Yadah Korea for kindly sending me this product to try (All opinions are my own) ❤

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Play! by Sephora is finally open to everyone :)

Hello Beauty Lovers,

Play! by Sephora is finally open to everyone :)
Just go to and put your email address in the box as shown below and click on "Get Started" button:
The next page will come up and just click on "Subscribe Now" button here:

It will take you to log in screen and then checkout page, so that you can put in a payment method and confirm your subscription ;)
The first box you will receive is April 2016 and it is a great one:
Hope this post helps you.
Enjoy :)


Friday, February 19, 2016

My First Giveaway :)

Hello Beauty Lovers,

I decided to hold my very first giveaway :)
It will start on February 19, 2016 at 11:59 PM (midnight) EST and end on February 24, 2016 at 11:59 PM (midnight) EST.
All you need to do is to follow my Instagram account @findsofbeauty and repost the giveaway photo on your profile with the following tags "@findsofbeauty #findsofbeauty #findsofbeautygiveaway " before February 24, 2016 at 11:59 PM (midnight) EST.

I included some of my favorite full size and deluxe sample size products in the box:
1) L'oreal Paris Colour Riche Le Gloss in 163 Plum Rush (Full size)
2) Rimmel London Natural Bronzer waterproof bronzing powder in 022 Sun Bronze (Full size)
3) L'oreal Paris Hip studio secrets professional bright shadow duo in Brazen 118 (Full size)
4) John Frieda Frizz Ease KeraFlex flexible hold hair spray (Deluxe size - 2 oz)
5) Maybelline The Flash Clean clean express 3-in-1 makeup removing lotion (Full size)
6) Stila Stay All Day liquid lipstick in Bella 13 (Deluxe size - 0.05 fl oz)
7) L'oreal Paris Voluminous false fiber lashes mascara in 220 Black Lacquer (Full size)

Only 1 repost a day will be counted towards and entry. If you repost on all 5 days (once per day) you will have 5 entries.
I will list all the account names once giveaway ends in the order they reposted and pick the winner using random number generator.
Since this is my first time, it's only US this time. But, I plan to do the next ones open to all countries.

Good luck :*

================================== UPDATE ==============================

Giveaway is over and the winner is @jmejinxx
Thanks to all lovely ladies who joined me in my first giveaway. I am looking forward to the next.

ColourPop Back to Cool kit for sale

  • Hello Beauty Lovers,

    I ordered 4 x ColourPop Back to Cool kits a while ago. Now I am moving across the country and need to sell 3 of them I haven't opened. Would anybody want to purchase them? 

  • It's either $25 with free shipping in US or $20 if you send me the prepaid shipping label (9 Oz shipping weight).

  • If Canadian friends want to purchase, it's 20 USD and they will need to send me the prepaid shipping label.

  • I will ship within 1 day after receiving the PayPal payment (and shipping label via email if you pick the second option). If you send payment (and shipping label) before 12-noon EST I will ship it out on the same day.

  • Please let me know if you're interested by February 27th.

  • Thanks :)

  • PS: I shared my kit's swatches here before.

Kits are now $20 with free shipping. Only 2 days left!